A bit about me...

Just me, myself and I...

I'm born in Torhout, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium on Februari, 23rd 1962 (as of this writing, aged 58).  I grew up in Wijnendale, a small village near Torhout (now it is completely part of Torhout).  I lived there for 23 years.  During my youth, it was a cozy and quiet place to live where farming was still widely present.  Now it has entered the "modern times" and totally lost its pittoresk feeling.  A pity...

After I married, I lived for about 20 years in Torhout.  Since the end of 2015, I'm living in Hertsberge, near Oostkamp.  Hertsberge is a small village (not even 2000 inhabitants) in a forest-rich environment with quite a bit of wildlife.   Hertsberge is relatively close to Brugge (approx. 15 km away from this nicest city of Belgium).

Professionally wise, I've been working for 33 years for Philips.  I started on September 1st, 1983.  First in production, responsible for a team of 25 people assembling televisions.  Later on, in March 1987, I moved to the electrical quality engineering department, where I've been working for about 7 years.

In October 1994, I joined the software development group (that was my ultimate dream) where I first wrote software for the remote control on the television.  Later on, I wrote software for the tuning system, TXT, factory, audio, video,...

In March 1997 I went to Eindhoven - the centre of all Philips development at that time - with quite some colleagues to start up a complete new model.  We've been there for about 14 months.

In April 1999, I've been assigned to a project in Singapore to start up a low-cost small television called A-10, where I mainly did the video and PIP-features (Picture-In-Picture).  I've been there for about 10 months.  The most beautiful time of my Philips carreer, without any doubts...

In 2004 I was working on a connection protocol, called FireWire (a.k.a. IEEE-1394).  This protocol allowed you to connect different video and audio devices throughout the house while each device could act as a server or as a recipient.  This way, you had a "cabled network" of video connections throughout your house.  That was before wireless connections started to pop up (which happened shortly after...).

A company in the US called VividLogic and located in Fremont, California, did the low level software (driver) while I was doing the "connection" between the low level sofware and middleware.  A collegue of mine from Bangalore, India, did the user interface for this feature.

I've been there for about 3 months.  A beautiful area (Silicon Valley) with lots and lots of opportunities.

I also spent a weekend in Yosemite National Park while I was there.  And not to forget the different walks I did over the Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco.  Impressive monument and moment it was...

In 2006-2007 I was working on the first generation of wireless connection between television and a WiFi access point.  This was in cooperation with Atheros, a Californian based company.  So, I headed again to California to work on this feature.  This was the same area where I've been a couple of years before.

In 2006, we started to use Linux in our TV's, replacing the proprietary OS that we used until then.

I did mainly wirte software for video drivers and all related accessories to that (ambient light, auto-contrast,...).

Based upon Linux, we made the switch to Android TV in 2012.  I was initially working in the Android framework, later on moving to pre-development (they called it "advanced development", what's in a word...) to try out new features of all kinds.

I've been working for 31 years for Philips in Brugge, Pathoekeweg 11.  In June 2014 we moved to Gent where I worked for another 2 years.  So, 33 years in total.

Beginning of 2016 a big restructuring was announced and our department that was specialised in writing High-End TV software for televisions, stopped to exist.  June 30, 2016 was my last day at Philips.  

Needless to say what a sad day it was.  Saying goodbye to some of your colleagues who you've known for 30+ (!!!) years wasn't that easy...  But there was still live after Philips, you know.

Next, I worked for about 9 months (July 2016 - April 2017) for a German company called CGM, which had an affiliate in Nevele (previously, that company was called WinDOC). CGM is selling different software packages for the health care and I was part of a team writing desktop application software for patient follow-up used by doctors.  The language used was Delphi (Embarcadero).  The intention was to restart from scratch with an Android based application but too bad, it was never realised in Nevele (IIRC, there were some activities in the CGM headquarters, Germany...).

In the beginning of 2017 I got the opportunity to join a small team of software developers in CNHi - Zedelgem to write Java for Android.  CNHi is a global world player in agriculture and several other type of machines.  See the CNHi website for a full overview of their portfolio.

More specific, in Zedelgem they develop and produce combines, forage harvesters and balers.

I'm part of the software combine team, writing an Android UI application for the display used in the combines (and in the future, also for the forage harvesters).

I hope I can still be part of the software team until my retirement, I really like the job, the atmosphere, colleagues, working environment,...  As they say: `I feel good` (to quote James Brown himself...) 


As a hobby, I like to play around with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino to extend my home automation system.  I really like the combination of hardware and software.  Nothing can beat this...

Next to this, I like walking in the forest, observing all kinds of animals: birds of prey, deer, marter,...  I also have quite a few pets: 5 cats and two ducks.

My favourite animal, however, is the tiger.  To me, this is the most majestic creature on earth.  I like all animals, but this one is my "top" one...  I'm supporting lots of organisations worldwide that help endangered species of all kinds.

In the past, I liked cycling a lot (did thousands and thousands of km with my bicycle, mostly to go to the office from Torhout to Brugge, approx. 30 km one way).  However, due to medical problems, that's not possible anymore.  Unfortunately...

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